Nothing but positive reviews...

“I highly recommend anyone who wants to run for office to contact and retain Free & Equal in the event your Candidacy is challenged. They are honest and will work hard for your defense. They are recognized by many to be the best team to tackle election law issues in your defense.”

Deb Leticia Gordils, Candidate for State House,
11th District, Illinois


“Free and Equal’s knowledge of ballot access issues and enthusiasm for democracy is an invaluable asset, for all who value popular government, and believe in the promise of freedom on which our nation was founded.”

Chris Edes, Candidate for Commissioner of Schools, Rochester, NY


“Free and Equal made history in Texas by collecting 93,000 signatures for the Green party in just two weeks. We look forward to their continued efforts to help create fair ballott access here and across the U.S.”

Kat Swift, Green Party of Texas


“The service that Free and Equal provides candidates that have unfairly had their petitions challenged is impossible to measure in normal terms.”

Bob McQuillan, Candidate for State House,
50th District, Illinois